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Stop updating your data manually with our expertise.

Are you tired of updating your database manually? With data automation, you can easily and efficiently process data on your portal without human effort. At UN Cloud IT, we recommend data automation because it is the best upload method for encouraging long-term sustainability. Data automation not only reduces errors and time spent, but also gives your employees time back to spend on other tasks.

Data Automation

We follow a basic three-step process for data automation:

1.  Extract—If you use multiple source systems, we extract your data from these locations.

2.  Transform—We transform your data into the necessary structure for upload.

3.  Load—Finally, we load your data into your database and set up a system to automatically process incoming information.

Many of our clients ask us what data they should automate and how much of it. Our response is always this: automate as much of your data as possible. This is the best way to minimize processing errors in the future, streamline information retrieval, and reduce the amount of time your employees spend processing and gathering essential data.

Of course, we will automate as much of your data as you want, listening to your requirements and desired framework. We will then develop a customized system to ensure seamless transfer of your data and automatic uploading from this point forward.

Let us answer all of your questions and help you explore the possibility of data automation. Contact us at UN Cloud IT today to find out more about our services and what we offer.

Data Automation in New York, NY


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