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Our pricing and rates are published ensuring clarity and transparency in everything we do.

You’ll find that our rates are easy to understand and there are several options to fit your needs and budget. At UN Cloud IT, we believe you should be in control of your Zoho and IT support budget, so we offer three pricing plans: Monthly Service Plans (MSPs), Pre-Purchased Blocks of Time, and Onsite Rates.

Our Rates

  1. Monthly Service Plans (MSPs) are best fitted for long-term projects requiring a fixed budget for 6 or 12 months. All MSPs are based upon “unmetered” hours, meaning we track activities but do not bill on an hourly basis.
  2. Pre-Purchased Blocks of Time are best for one-time projects, DIY support or ongoing maintenance support. Our blocks have tiered discounts to help you save even more. The larger the block, the larger the discount. Our blocks of time option puts you in control of how much to purchase at once, and you never have to worry about the time expiring, as blocks of time never expire.
  3. Onsite Rates are best fitted for site analysis, white boarding business process flows and larger training classes.

We offer onsite rates based on a weekday, weekend, or holiday pricing tier.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our rates and learn how to select the best option for your company’s needs.

Introducing Our New Monthly Service Plans

All Plans include UN-Metered Hours and Zero Hourly Billing.
Provided by a Team of Experts – Managed by a Team of 1-3 Project Managers.

Ask About our Bundled Service Discounts.


Remote Blocks of Time

For Small or One Time Projects or DIY Support.

We keep it simple and flexible by allowing you to buy blocks of time.

Simply choose a block that meets your needs and budget.

We Honor Veterans

The larger the block of time, the larger the discount!

Purchase a block of time and use it for initial setup, support, training, customizations, reporting, etc. whenever you need.

A block of time never runs out. It can be used today or next year.

When a block of time is used/completed, an activity report will be provided annotating the time and activities spent. You can then simply buy another block of time. (Daily, weekly or monthly activity reports delivered as requested)

To get started, simply request a block of time, then we send an invoice for the block of time. Once payment is made via PayPal or major credit card, we call to begin the initial steps and request the required information/resources/schedules we need to begin.

Terms and Conditions

UN Cloud IT is a River Technologies, Inc. Division and all payments are made to River Technologies, Inc.

Payment by Wire Transfer or ACH is available for Pre-Purchased Blocks only. Payments can be sent to the below:

Routing number: 021000021 Checking account: 552027505 SWIFT Code: CHASUS33 for payments from international banks.
Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank
Bank Address: 999 Middle Country Road, Selden, NY 11784

Pre-Purchased blocks of time are Non Refundable and valid until used with no expiration date.

A block of time is not a “fixed price” guarantee of any project completion.

For Monthly Service Plans, UN Cloud IT will send a link, invoice or web page URL to subscribe via credit card for the chosen plan.  Add on plans may create a separate subscription, depending on the original plan selected.

If a scope of work is submitted by the customer, UN Cloud IT, will submit our “Best effort” estimate of hours required to complete said tasks, followed by our activity report detailing how the time was spent.

*Pre-Approved Specialty rates for custom coding, API’s, HTML, CSS, Java Scripting, Database programming, graphic art, web Content writing, marketing, SEO/SEM may apply depending on the scope of work defined. Or may require a separate Monthly Service Plan Add On.

**Does not include software license/subscription costs. These are priced and billed separately. With web based subscriptions “Cloud based” software, the subscriptions are usually managed by the customer directly with the software provider using their own credit card. UN Cloud IT will provide pricing and needs analysis for the customer to help keep software costs to a minimum. The Terms and Conditions, billing and invoicing of the software provider are directly between the customer and the software provider.