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Zoho streamlines catching up with your team through online meeting and screen sharing software.

Online meetings & webinars are one of the best developments for the modern workforce. At the same time, glitchy software, poor call quality, and lack of intuitive tools make online meetings & webinars seem like more trouble than they’re worth.

Online Meetings & Webinars

Change the way you hold online meetings & webinars with Zoho’s online meeting software for a solution you can rely on. At UN Cloud IT, we help you fully understand the intricacies of this useful Zoho application by training your team on how to:

  • Easily schedule, RSVP, and send out email notifications
  • Successfully use computer audio or dial-in numbers and express their ideas through video conferencing
  • Lock meetings, switch presenters, mute participants, let others take control of their screen, and remove participants
  • Manage users and define camera settings

As you can see, Zoho’s comprehensive tools for online meetings & webinars can enhance the productivity and collaboration within your team from anywhere at any time, as long as you understand how to control each of these functions. We provide all the services you need to finally feel confident using Zoho for online meetings, focusing on the software so you can better focus on your business.

As a Zoho Authorized Partner since 2008, knowing Zoho is our job, and running your business is yours. Get more out of the online meetings & webinars you hold using Zoho by partnering with us for continual support, instruction, and information. Set up a consultation with us today!

Online Meetings & Webinars in New York, NY


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