Three Tips for Improving Your Online
Meetings & Webinars

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These days, more and more business meetings are taking place online, and the change in format necessitates using new strategies. Running productive online meetings & webinars is becoming more important than ever, and we at UN Could IT want to help you make your online meetings even better. As a Zoho Authorized Partner since 2008, we have extensive experience in remote meetings, and in this article, we’ll offer three expert tips of how to improve yours.

Three Tips for Improving Your Online Meetings & Webinars

  1. Make a clear agenda, and make sure your team knows it. Many of the principles of holding a successful in-person business meeting apply even more strongly to the online kind. One such principle is to make sure you have a clear agenda for the meeting—what needs to be discussed, what tasks need to be assigned, etc.—and to make sure you clearly communicate that agenda to your team. When all of you are in separate locations, it’s easy to get off track and waste time, but having a well-defined structure in place will help keep attention from wandering.
  2. Test systems in advance. Another thing that we recommend you do to make your online meetings & webinars go more smoothly is to have your team test their systems in advance. Some good guidelines are to restart computers at least 20 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start, and to test both webcams and microphones to ensure that you can be seen and heard.
  3. Assign action items before signing off. A third tip that we at UN Cloud IT have for improving your online meetings & webinars is to assign action items before signing off. For each point of discussion, determine what needs to be done next, and assign each task to a team member with a clearly defined deadline. This will keep your project moving along and your team accountable.